About CoolMedia

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About Us

The Refresh Station or ‘Refresh’ was developed in Brazil around the turn of the new millennium by a Frenchman with an idea and a Brazilian with a concept. The product was originally designed as a personal cooling appliance for residential applications but ultimately took the form of urban furniture when a backlit media display was integrated with the cooling amenity. Cool Media Inc. was established in 2002 when the inventors realized they had a viable product to promote after successfully testing a crudely designed kiosk in Sao Paulo’s Ibirapuera Park.

In early 2003, the concept was sold to the City of Rio de Janeiro and by Late November, a network of newly designed kiosks was installed along the beach promenade and parkways in Ipanema and Copacabana.  The response from the public was immediate, overwhelmingly positive and robust – it continues to this day. Clear Channel Brazil currently operates and sells media within the network (Fresh Channel) through a contractual agreement with the City of Rio de Janeiro.

In 2006 the kiosk was redesigned in France to meet the commercial demands of the northern hemisphere and then marketed throughout. In 2012, a fourth generation kiosk was developed by Cool Media USA after conducting rigorous field studies in high traffic environments during a five year period of time. Refresh 4.0 is currently manufactured in Blaine, Minnesota and available for distribution throughout the world.

The Cool Media Refresh Station can be found on four continents, six countries and many cities world wide. Cool Media Inc. holds the product/concept patent rights for the USA, Mexico, Brazil, Chile, Singapore, Hong-Kong, China, Australia, New Zealand, Korea, Morocco, United Arabs Emirates, Turkey, South Africa, France, Spain, Italy, Portugal, Switzerland, Austria, Germany and Belgium.

        Why Cool Media

In his latest book, Buyology, marketing guru Martin Lindstrom unveils the results of a three year, 7 million dollar study that utilized the latest in brain technology to see into the minds of over 2,000 people from around the world. The results were unexpected.

An important finding was that visual images are exponentially more memorable if they are associated with another sense like touch, smell or sound. This new form of marketing has been labeled “Sensory Branding” and it is highly successful.

The Cool Media Refresh Stations is a sensory branding machine. Refresh has already proven to hold retention at levels ten times greater than standard outdoor platforms. The cooling amenity coupled with the kiosks ability to display a large image up close and personal provide marketers with a robust, highly effective platform capable of making any message stick.