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Cool Customers at Raley Field

Posted at August 11, 2013 | Categories : News

The Sacramento RiverCats installed a Cool Media Refresh Station before the 2010 season as means to keep guests happy and cool during the heat of the summer baseball season. The response was immediate, enthusiastic and robust – it continues to this day. The Refresh Station is a patented interactive advertising platform that provides a cooling mist upon command via buttons along the profile of the kiosk.

Greg Coletti  (Director, Corporate Partnerships) describes the products benefit –” The Cool Media Refresh Station has provided us with the opportunity to promote our product here at Raley Field. Because our fans have shown great interest in the kiosk, it has served as a valuable platform for our partners’ messaging and brand awareness campaigns.” Advertising partner Bell Brothers Heating and Air Conditioning adds – “We have incorporated the Cool Media Kiosk into our River Cats partnership for a couple of years now and have had a lot of fun with it. There are some really creative things you can do with the space location and we really enjoy seeing the kids and families play there.”