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Jornal de Brasilia

Posted at August 6, 2006 | Categories : News


City Park visitors received a big present to ease the effects of hot and dry days which are very common this time of year in Brasilia. The new attraction is a type of personal air conditioner and those passing by the park management offices are drawn to a sign with the invitation, “Get Refreshed”. Who can resist such a gesture under the blazing sun? “Ah, that’s so good!”, exclaims 39 year-old military officer Lucas Pereira de Souza as he tried the refreshing spray. “If there weren’t so many people in line, I would stay here for ages”.

The object attracting curious glances from those visiting the park is a sign with the instruction: “Press to Refresh”. When the button is pressed, a refreshing mist appears from the side has the affect of cooling the body and slowing the breathing. According to the park’s management, this is a specific project with a 90 day test period. If the results are good, Comparques (Secretary of parks and Conservation Management) will study the possibility of installing the system in other spots of the park, as well as in other parks. If the decision is to dependent on visitors opinions, the installation of machines like this one has already approved. “I was passing by here and noticed people using it – so I decided to give it a try. I love this new idea-there should be more of these spread about elsewhere” said 41 year-old military policeman Carlos Ambrosio Matias. When asked what he thought the machine actually was, he replied. “I don’t know, but it seems to be a giant air humidifier”. Children also liked the new attraction and were queuing repeatedly just to feel the nice cooling mist.

Frequent park user Cristina Pettengill hadn’t noticed the “giant humidifier” until Saturday when she observed someone else using it. She became an immediate fan of the machine and never passes by without getting refreshed. “After this mist I re-gain strength to keep running”, she concluded.