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Zero Hora

Posted at January 6, 2006 | Categories : News


If you are on holiday in Tramandai, IMBE, Atlantica, Capao da Canoa da Canoa or Torres, you have something in common with people enjoying the sea side in Monaco, Barcelona and Copacabana. The popular machines that spray water droplets in these resorts were also installed at five beaches in Rio Grande do Sul and at no extra cost to the city council.

Refresh was nicknamed “Cuca Fresca”(Fresh Face) in the summer of 2004 after they were originally installation in Rio de Janeiro. The equipment is designed to re-hydrate and cool the body for 10 seconds with an evaporative mist at ambient temperature. Without taking off her modern pink sunglasses bought from street vendors in Torres, three year-old Danielly Alves wasn’t bothered with the details, she wanted to party. “It’s ice-cold”, she said, in the arms of her father. The machine earned a popular status from vacationers who swap from the sea for jogging in the late afternoon.

“Refresh is an Oasis and the best part-it’s free”, said 42 year old Tais Helena Kuhn from Sao Leopoldo.