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O Globo

Posted at January 6, 2004 | Categories : News


Mist machines cause lines for Rio citizens and tourists. People in Rio de Janeiro have a new way to cool their bodies this summer. Refresh stations were installed by the City Council along the sea front (next to the lifeguard stations) and have already become a summer fever.

On Wednesday afternoon at lifeguard station number nine in lpanema more than 30 people got their mist spray in less than 15 minutes. In Barra, student Franciso Barros, 16, was the first to try the Refresh. “It’s a great idea. We can use it before and after going to the beach. Not only is it free, but you get refreshed without getting wet”. Agnleszke Probala, a 26 year-old polish woman who’s in Rio for two months trying to make it as a fashion designer, didn’t mind standing in line for the Posto Nine Refresh. She turned on the equipment with her clothes on. “it refreshes even if you’re dressed up. I’ve been to beaches in Europe and in the United States and I’ve never seen anything like it. What is best, it’s democratic-a service for the rich and the poor”. After her, it was an athlete’s turn to press the Refresh button and take a ten-second rest-the length of the mist. Enough time to recover the breath and letting body temperature drop. “It renews your energy”.

Rio mayor, Cesar Maia explained that Refresh is part of a cooling system installed all over Rio for the purpose of refreshing the city. “We started with the acclimatization of Bangu’s sidewalk. After that we installed the ‘ecologic showers” at Brisa Beach and in September at Pontal Place. Currently we have 32 Refresh units city wide.