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    COOL-HEAD If you are on holiday in Tramandai, IMBE, Atlantica, Capao da Canoa da Canoa or Torres, you have something in common with people enjoying the sea side in Monaco, Barcelona and Copacabana. The popular machines that spray water droplets in these resorts were also installed at five beaches in Rio Grande do Sul and at no extra cost to the city council. Refresh was nicknamed "Cuca Fresca"(Fresh ...

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  • Falho da Sao Paulo

    IBIRAPUERA PARK TESTS EQUIPMENT THAT SPRAYS MIST The big summer attraction in Rio, 'Refresh', the water mist spray machine that refreshes users without getting them wet has just arrived in Ibirapuera Park and will be tested by management this weekend. If it is up to the visitors, this new equipment is here to stay. In a day of intense heat, the Refresh Station pleased ...

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  • Small Business and Great Companies

    REFRESHING BREAK A machine that sprays a cooling mist on people is a success in Brazil. It is mid day, the sun is at its height in Rio de Janeiro and all of the people on the street want a little break to refresh themselves. Since it is not possible to lower the ambient temperature outside, there had to be a way to provide individual ...

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  • Marie Claire

    REFRESH BY THE SEAFRONT People walking along the sea front in Rio de Janeiro were given an extra attraction by the City Council when they installed Refresh machines at several lifeguard stations. The equipment sprays a mist on the faces and bodies of those who pass by under the baking sun. It is difficult to resist this little break.

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  • Veja Rio

    SIDEWALK REFRESH Equipment that sprays water has become a mania in Rio de Janeiro. The hottest season in the year turned out to be a frustration due to cloudy days, lots of rain and little heat. But the 2004 summer in Rio has some good news. Along the sidewalks at several beaches, in Aterro do Flamengo and at jogging track around the lagoon Refresh has become a ...

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  • O Globo

    REFRESH BECOMES A FEVER ALL OVER THE SEAFRONT Mist machines cause lines for Rio citizens and tourists. People in Rio de Janeiro have a new way to cool their bodies this summer. Refresh stations were installed by the City Council along the sea front (next to the lifeguard stations) and have already become a summer fever. On Wednesday afternoon at lifeguard station number nine in ...

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